What We Do

FYI – A bit of background on what we do…

Our clients can either

  1. Go Pro – Pay to access our Candidates Database.
    You pay a small monthly fee to access the site and candidate’s contact details. Search for the skillset you need and contact only the ones (usually a shortlist of 20 or so) who have the skills you need, whether webmaster, Excel administrator, article writer, telephone support (good English). You do your own searching, finding, filtering, interviewing, hiring, training and maintaining.
  2. Use the “Done For You” service
    Here WE do the finding, filtering, filtering, filtering, interviewing, hiring and maintaining. This can either be on the

    1. Managed-Payment service, where you pay us, and we pay them and our margin lies between the two. We manage them and retrain where necessary on an ongoing basis, and rehire if necessary – or
    2. Finder’s Fee. This is applicable where the job is more project-based such as a programmer or graphic designer, where once the project is finished there is not a need for ongoing work. This involves a LOT of work to get a high-quality person through the whole process and to the end results of a dedicated and trained and hired worker hence the Finder’s Fee is $650. If you know SE Nuke, you might know Josh Bachynski, who is their SEO Guru Consultant – he is the guy you’ll see on our homepage at www.ExpertTeam.tv – this is the service we did for him (as well as the Managed Payment option for another team member)

So that gives you the overview of how we work to get you the Virtual Assistant and outsource team members you need to grow your business and become more profitable.

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