Outsourcing To The Philippines

Outsourcing to the Philippines is such an astoundingly wise business move, I can absolutely guarantee you will look back in just 1 short year from your first hire and be thinking one thing

“Why didnt I outsource to the Philippines sooner?”

We have spoken with numerous people who own their own business and who outsource to the Philippines, and this is the main thing they all frequently say

“Why didnt I start outsourcing to the Philippines sooner?”

So now is your chance to get going.

Soon you will have your own Expert Team working within your business, getting done all those things you used to run around like crazy trying to complete.

No more of YOU doing it.  You have your Expert Team to do each part for you.  Whether that is writing articles for you, publishing those articles, building backlinks, checking and processing your blog comments on other peoples’ sites, running yoru Facebook marketing, your Twitter updates, creating spreadsheets, building websites for you…

The list goes on and on. It is simply everything you need done within your business (and even outside of your business too)

Once you realise how cost-effective it can be to have these great people working for you, you will soon be building up a growing team of people.

Start with just one.  Get them up to speed and move on from there.  You will soon want more.

Here is how we operate here on ExpertTeam.tv

You register for an account today and get instsant access to great people – the ‘Candidates’ – who you can hire to work within your business.

Some people will want to work part time – or will be amenable to the idea if you want them to.  We suggest hiring people full time, for a number of reasons.

  1. Philippine people on the whole want to have a full time job.
  2. You will get more accomplished if they are happy and working full time for you.
  3. They will come to know and understand your business more if they are full time.
  4. You will find them incredibly loyal to you and your business if they are full time.

So once you are a full member here on ExpertTeam.tv you can search through the candidates and go thrugh the step-by-step process we outline for you, to find the best person for you.

We do NOT recommend putting up a ‘Job Post’ type advert (you will get inundated with less-than-relevant people).  Save your time and you search for them, not the other way around.  This way you choose to only deal with the best.

You filter out the ones you dont want and get down to your shortlist.  Contact these and start a dialogue with them.  You will rapidly get down to the ones you wan to hire.

And that is it.  That is the short version of how to hire (full details and tutorials are available within the Members area).

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