Have Your Team Found For You

For certain types of job role, where the job is project-based rather than ongoing, it is more appropriate to use the Finder’s Fee system.

Or if you prefer simply to pay a Finders Fee, for us to do the laborious filtering process of finding, interviewing etc – and then you hire your new team member directly and pay them each month, then this page will tell you all you need to know

You tell us exactly what your job role needs, what skills, what specifications, what experience etc.

Based upon the detailed job and skill specifications you give us, we go out and do the finding, filtering, interviewing, re-interviewing, checking, to bring you to the point of having what we consider in our best opinion to be the best candidate for your specific role.

You pay a Finder’s Fee and we allow you full access to this candidate for you to hire them directly and to arrange the details of each project direct with your new team member.

As with normal business recruitment the ‘hire slow’ logic applies. It usually takes about 1 month to find someone that is right for you, that we are happy is right for you, and is dedicated and driven to do a great job for you.

You pay your new team member direct yourself, at the rate that they and you agree, whether that is monthly or on a per project basis.

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

You should expect your new team member to be up to the job. You should expect them to mostly be able to do the job fully from the start. You might realistically expect a few ‘edges’ which might need minor clarification with them and some training, but nothing major. If after any such minor clarification/training, in your opinion they are not right for the job and if you cease to hire them within 30 days from starting, then there is a straight forward money-back guarantee. If you stop hiring them within 30 days from hiring them, then we will either replace with a suitable candidate or give you your Finder’s Fee back to you.

If no suitable candidate is available then you will simply get your Finder’s Fee money back.

The Finder’s Fee service covers 1 suitable replacement candidate. If a replacement candidate is provided then the same 30-day money back guarantee is re-applied to this replacement for the same 30 day from hiring them.

All that said please remember – we work incredibly hard for you, working from a pool of thousands of potential candidates, interviewing and checking, and shaving the list down to the right one, to bring you a candidate that is found, filtered and is right for the job for you. Our team work incredibly hard to achieve this. We want you to get the right person LONG TERM, so you can get your ongoing work done with your new team member.

So now with that peace of mind, you can order your Finder’s Fee now below

Requirements From You
For us to execute this service effectively and efficiently for you, there are a few minimal requirements we need from you.

  1. Telephone consultation. We need to have a Skype voice conversation with you to discuss the role in detail
  2. Job Specification Documents. You need to be very clear as to what you want your new team member to do for you, and have this written into a text document. It must answer what they will do, the expected work hours, what skills and what prior experience they must have.

To secure your new team member and to have them start working for you (and getting stuff done so you don’t have to), simply click the button below…