Your New Webmaster - Done For You Service

We find, filter, hire, train and maintain your new Webmaster for you

This is the full-service done-for-you hiring process for finding, filtering, hiring, training and maintaining a Webmaster for you.

We will go through the laborious process of contacting hundreds of candidates, filtering their replies, contacting them back and negotiating and processing all the replies to find you the best Webmaster candidate for your job position.

See the Done For You Service page for details of the overview of this service.

Here are the details, specific to this Job Role…

Can use WordPress to create websites and to maintain websites, editing themes to match, using plugins to adapt the site, adapting as needed.
Usually also has experience doing VA work, so can infill any available time if necessary.


Daily End Of Day (EOD) summary email.

Webmasters tasks are usually project-based, taking longer than 1 day. Hence targets are to be agreed between you and the Webmaster, agreeing milestones, timescales and completion date.

For any day that targets are not met, the worker understands that they will not be paid for that day, so they will work to hit target. Occasionally, if a target is missed for unavoidable reasons eg local bad weather, Typhoon, flooding etc, the worker will then be expected to catch up as soon as possible.

The pricing is as follows:

First week = only $1 (finding, filtering, interviewing, hiring, training, initiation etc)

The monthly amount you will pay to us will be $500 ongoing via PayPal subscription payment.

For the specifics of the tasks/projects to be done by the Webmaster, you will communicate directly with your Team Member, via email, Skype or as you wish and agree. Output can be uploaded/sent to a location of your choice (email, Dropbox, live website, test website, wherever you wish).

If you have any problems or questions or need certain changes in the output, this is to come directly through us. This means we can manage your new team member for you, without the hassle it might otherwise be for you.

We will manage the output standard and training. If anything is not up to standard, we will train to get it up to standard and target levels. If for any reason you want a replacement Webmaster, or want an additional Webmaster, we will manage this for you.

All of this means that you are relieved of the hassle of finding, filtering, hiring, training and maintaining your Webmaster.

To secure your new team member and to have them start creating and managing your websites for you, simply hit the big button below to order now…