Full Recruitment & Hire 'Done For You' Service

We find, filter, hire, train and maintain your new Team Member for you

This is the full-service done-for-you hiring process for finding, filtering, hiring, training and maintaining your Team Member(s) for you.

We will go through the laborious process of contacting hundreds of candidates, filtering their replies, contacting them back and negotiating and processing all the replies to find you the best candidate for your job position.

NOTE: If you need to hire someone on a more project based understanding, such as a Programmer or Graphic Designer, where you might not ’employ’ them on a fixed monthly salary, but instead pay them on a paid-per-project basis then consider if the Finder Service is right for you.


All team members must send an End Of Day (EOD) summary email stating

  1. What they have achieved,
  2. Any obstacles,
  3. How they plan to overcome them,
  4. Anything they need, and
  5. What they plan to achieve tomorrow.

This helps them to stay focused, to know they are part of a team, and to promote initiative to solve any problems. It also serves to keep track of their progress and output.

Output Targets will be role-specific. For instance, our usual targets for Article Writers are 6 quality articles of 400+ words (or an equivalent level of output eg 3 x 800 word articles), newly written per day, and spun to word and sentence level.

For any day that targets are not met, the worker understands that they will not be paid for that day, so they will work to hit target. Occasionally, if a target is missed for unavoidable reasons eg local bad weather, Typhoon, flooding etc, the worker will then be expected to catch up as soon as possible. Where targets are not met (or are not caught up and up to date within a reasonable timeframe – usually 1 week) then you will receive a rebate for those days for which you have paid and do not receive the expected output. This will be rebated at the end of each month.

The pricing is as follows:

The first week is only $1 while we do the finding, filtering, hiring, training for your new team member. This in itself is a massive bonus. Not only is your initial upfront investment only $1 (and we cover the cost of paying the team member during this first week), but in addition, we do the early training for you, to make sure your new Team Member slots neatly and smoothly into your business.

Sometimes we have someone ready for you within this first week, sometimes it can take 2 weeks before we are fully satisfied that we have a quality person ready to start producing great results for your business.  Where is takes longer than 1 week, the next payment covers the addition administration and training time in getting you the right person for your business.

The monthly amount you will pay to us will be ongoing and agreed for each job role and team member, paid by PayPal subscription, for easy automatic payment (which reduces administration hassle for you and for us). This payment is direct to us and will remain so. We will always pay the team member on your behalf.

If you have any problems or questions or need certain changes in the output, this is to come directly through us. This means we can manage your new team member for you, without the hassle it might otherwise be for you.

For daily/ weekly tasks and requirements, you will communicate directly with your Team Member, usually by email or Skype as you wish and agree.

We will manage the output standard and training. We will also manage paying the Team Member each month. If for any reason you want a replacement person, or want an additional Team Member, we will manage this for you.

All of this means that you are relieved of the hassle of finding, filtering, hiring, training and maintaining your Team Member.

Requirements From You
For us to execute this service effectively and efficiently for you, there are a few minimal requirements we need from you.

  1. Telephone consultation. We need to have a Skype voice conversation with you to discuss the role in detail
  2. Job Specification Documents. You need to be very clear as to what you want your new team member to do for you, and have this written into a text document. It must answer what they will do, the expected work hours, what skills and what prior experience they must have.

To secure your new team member and to have them start working for you (and getting stuff done so you don’t have to), simply click the relevant link below…
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