Top 10 Reasons To Outsource

Why Hire?

Maybe you’ve already got this sussed – but its worth checking if you’ve listed all the reasons to outsource. Get it right and outsourcing and team-building means a massive increase in your bottom line – AND your freedom!


I’ve personally seen a huge difference in my business since I started outsourcing – and specifically hiring Virtual Assistants and virtual staff in the Philippines to run sections of my business for me.

And guess who was most grateful when I did? My wife, Esther.

Why? Because she suddenly got her workaholic husband back. I went from working 12 or 18 hour days – to being able to take weeks off at a time, operating all I needed to do from my iPhone (I did it for a few weeks lying in the French sun last year, and plan to again this summer).

The main point – YOU can too.

So these reasons to outsource are specifically about internet marketing (running a business online), and are comparing having your own Virtual staff, relative to either you doing the work, or hiring someone local to you.

Here are the top 10 advantages of outsourcing…

1. Get more work done

get-more-done2SmallIf you’ve got someone who is doing tasks for you, plus you’ve still got yourself – plus however many other people you gradually choose to hire – you can get more and more accomplished in a day or week.

As your new virtual staff get better and better at the tasks you give them, you can give them more, so you get more and more done in a day.

2. Save time

saving-timeSmallBecause you’re getting more done in a day, you’re saving time. If it would have taken you (for instance) 2 weeks to get a project done, but your team get it done in 1 week, that has saved a week of time.

Plus, if you’re not doing the work yourself – it has actually saved YOU 2 weeks of your own time.

This is so huge – such a life-changer because time is the one thing you simply cannot get back. Outsourcing is the nearest thing you can get to buying back your time.

3. Save money

saving-moneySmallHow much would it cost you to hire someone local to you? For instance a Personal Assistant? Maybe $20,000 to $30,000 a year?

By comparison, a virtual assistant in the Philippines would cost you only about $300 to $400 per month for a full-time person to work for you, doing pretty much whatever tasks you give them to do on their computer or phone.

In addition, there are many hidden costs with hiring someone into a local job within your business. You need to pay for offices. The office needs to be ‘Health & Safety’ compliant. Office insurance. Liability insurance. Employment tax costs. Higher accountancy costs. etc etc.

When you hire a virtual assistant or virtual staff in the Philippines, you dont have any of this to worry about. You simply pay them the agreed rate. It is their responsibility to arrange their own tax, office, internet and infrastructure in order to be able to do the tasks you set them.

4. Freedom – More time with family & friends

freedomSmallI should probably have put this at #1 for the top reason to outsource, because it is this free time that most people want and crave, and that outsourcing effectively gives.

Because you’re getting more done, in less time and for less money, you can afford to take time off, to spend time with your friends and family.

I personally use this as much as possible. Since my dad died at the young age of 53, I’ve had a strong belief that life is for the living, live it while you can, and get a good balance of work and play.

For instance, I just got back from a fab week away with my wife Esther and 3 of our 4 kids, in Normandy, France. Always fun. And my team ran my business for me while I was gone. No issues. Profit continues without me.

So use outsourcing effectively and profitably to allow you to take time to be with the people that matter to you.

5. Not doing it, doing it, doing it, working all hours.

working-too-hard-smallThis sucks. Doing it all yourself is the pitfall of a start-up entrepreneur. It happens and sometimes it is necessary. But it doesn’t have to continue that way. Outsource as soon as possible.

I guarantee you’ll look back and be thinking “I could have started outsourcing sooner”. Most entrepreneurs do exactly that. Start now.

6. Freedom to think strategically

StrategicThinkingSmallThis is a subtle one. You don’t realise it until you have it – freedom and time to do nothing gives you the head-space to actually think – and think strategically.

If you’re constantly doing it, doing it, doing it, then you don’t get much chance to look up from the grindstone your working on or the fire your putting out, to actually look and see where your business is headed.

When you outsource effectively and systematically, you gain this freedom to think strategically – whether it’s while lying on your back on a beach looking at the sky, playing tennis or sitting with your feet on your desk.

As Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame says, you’ve got to work on your business, not in it. One of the key yet subtle advantages of outsourcing is that it gives you this ability to see your business from the outside, so you can look into it strategically, to give to clearer direction.

7. Cherry-pick the tasks you enjoy

cherrypickingOne of the luxuries of choice which comes with having an outsource team running your business for you is that you can cherry-pick and select which of the business tasks you do personally yourself. Your team can do the rest.

You need to work out your value per hour, and consider if it is still worth your time to do it – but if you enjoy doing that part, why the hell not do it and enjoy it yourself?

8. You don’t have to learn how to do everything yourself.

learningThe learning that has to normally accompany running a business can be brain-sapping and quite exhausting, as you learn the minutiae of every ‘department’ and task within your business.

By outsourcing effectively and systematically, you can either outsource existing processes and ‘systems’ within your business – and thereby forget them or at least relax about not being entirely up to date with every detail. Or you can pass new projects or processes which your business starts to operate, off to your team.

And you can purchase and delegate tools and strategies.

Let’s imagine your business needs to start doing its own Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Rather than you learn and study every SEO book and business course available, why not assign that process to your own full time outsource virtual assistant – who rapidly becomes your SEO Expert in-house?

Way cheaper than employing an SEO firm (they charge the earth) and easier on your brain (and your responsibilities) if you don’t have to do it. This is actually one of the most frequently outsourced business processes for outsourcing to virtual staff in the Philippines.

9. Low hiring risk.

riskThe risk of a bad outsourcing hire is far, far less than a bad ’employment’ hire ie employing a local person within your business. If you hire a local person within your business, the risks, and costs, are far higher.

With a local employment, you will have to carefully consider the specific legal implications and employment laws, being careful you don’t expose your business and yourself to ‘unfair dismissal’ tribunals and compensation claims.

This is not a problem you will face when you outsource to the Philippines.

Now it is important that you go through a proven process for hiring, to hire the best within your business. The best, easiest-to-follow proven process is outlined within the “Outsourcing Exposed” book available on Amazon. It is important that you treat your virtual staff with the same human decency that you would treat your friends, family and any staff.

That said, if you find yourself having hired someone who just isn’t right for the role, you can find out what their strengths are, if they might be suitable for another role within your business. Or worst case, if they just don’t have any skills that you can fully use within your business, you can respectfully let them go, so they can go find a job they are more suited to elsewhere.

And in so doing, you are not exposing yourself to the legal headaches you might otherwise have to consider if you fired a locally employed member of staff.

10. Easier hiring process

hiringSmallUltimately, because the work is virtual and the cost is lower, you do not need to be quite so rigorous with the hiring and recruitment process. This is not to say you carelessly hire. On the contrary.

But relative to the painstaking, careful, slow hiring process that you have to go through before employing a local person within your business, hiring a virtual outsource team member is a dream.

There are specific proven steps you can follow to hire wisely and hire the right people for your business (these are outlined in the “Outsourcing Exposed” book available on Amazon – or for FREE by writing a short review below).

Compared to hiring directly (locally) within your company, hiring a virtual team member is a doddle – a walk in the park by comparison.

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